Educational Programme

The educational programme provided at the Crèche is consistent with Te Whaariki – The Early Childhood Curriculum and Early Childhood Centre Regulations (2008). It is designed to ensure that individual children become competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit and secure in their sense of belonging.

Our core programme is made up of activities such as art, carpentry, dramatic/pretend play, literacy, music, nature & science, physical games, puzzles, reading and sand & water play. We pride ourselves in a constant rotation and change of equipment and play areas to provide a stimulating and challenging environment. Children are encouraged to take the opportunity to develop relationships with teachers, other children and adults.

Our children experience an environment rich in both European and Maori cultures, including use of both English and Te reo for greetings, music, wall displays and naming/counting. Books, puzzles, music and dress-up resources in the Crèche reflect both cultures.

All afternoon sessions are focused on training the brain in preparation for school and for the advancement of on-going learning. There is a highly significant link between physical activity and the cognitive development of the brain which is in its vital stages in the first 5 years of a child life. The neurons and patterns that the brain forms during these early years will provide the foundations necessary for success in their early school years. The afternoon sessions are directly related to activities which serve as direct links to your child’s fundamental growth. The afternoons also offer more focused based learning opportunities with the absence of the littlies.

Every child attending the Crèche has his or her own portfolio with examples of work, photos and both teacher and parent/caregiver input.